About Obsidian

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass, typically found in cooled lava flows. Dark and iridescent in appearance, it has been used by humans for over 700,000 years in mirrors, pottery, and cutting instruments.

Obsidian has several unusual properties. First, it can be used to make extremely sharp blades, with cutting edges many times sharper than steel instruments to enable exquisite precision. Second, obsidian rocks contain unique geochemical barcodes that allow researchers to precisely trace the volcanic source of even far-flung and heavily processed samples of obsidian rock.

These concepts of exquisite precision and unique barcoding resonate strongly for Obsidian Therapeutics. The ability to tune gene expression to match a patient’s specific needs provides a level of control that is not available with current approaches. Our approach to regulate transgenes also provides for precise, unique, patient-specific tuning of cell and gene therapies.