Michael Gilman, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Gilman is a scientist, general manager, biotech executive, and serial entrepreneur. Mike currently serves as an Advisor at Atlas Venture and on the Boards of Directors of Scholar Rock,  MORE >

Tariq Kassum, MD

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Corporate Development

Tariq Kassum is Chief Operating Officer and Head of Corporate Development at Obsidian Therapeutics and was a member of the company’s founding team. Previously he was Vice President, Business Development and  MORE >

Steve Shamah, PhD

Senior Vice President and Head of Research

Steve Shamah joined Obsidian Therapeutics in September 2016 as Senior Vice President and Head of Research where he leads a dynamic team towards the discovery and development of next generation cell  MORE >

Vipin Suri, PhD

Vice President, Discovery

Vipin Suri is the VP of Discovery at Obsidian Therapeutics and joined Obsidian’s founding team in January of 2016. Prior to Joining Obsidian, Vipin was Head of Biology at Raze Therapeutics  MORE >

Celeste Richardson, PhD

Vice President, Cell Therapy

Celeste Richardson joined Obsidian Therapeutics in November of 2016 as Vice President of Cell Therapy.  Prior to joining Obsidian, Celeste was at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research where she led  MORE >

Mike Briskin, PhD

Senior Advisor, Research

Mike Briskin is Senior Advisor at Obsidian Therapeutics.Dr. Briskin brings more than 20 years of industry experience in multiple areas of drug discovery, including molecular biology, immunobiology, oncology and inflammation. Prior to  MORE >