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Our Culture

If you are considering a job with us, please take a few minutes to review our values. Operating with Integrity, Respect, Quality and Innovation are non-negotiable. At Obsidian, we embody the following values (obviously, we have a thing for alliterations):

Adaptability & Agility

We catalyze our evolution through continuous learning and sharing

Efficiency & Efficacy

We maximize our capabilities by leveraging each other’s expertise

Passion & Purpose

Our patients are waiting

Resilience & Results

We tenaciously overcome challenges to deliver meaningful outcomes

Camaraderie & Chemistry

We celebrate trust and community


“Obsidian provides the opportunity to collaborate in teams, with an open exchange of ideas and learnings. This transparency and curiosity fosters individual professional development while advancing the team toward developing new therapeutics with the potential to impact patient lives.”

Jennifer Gori, Ph.D.
Director of Program Strategy

We always welcome dedicated and talented applicants to apply to join our growing team. Please send resumes to; include a cover letter that highlights your qualifications and matches our requirements and please include the job title to which you are applying in the subject of the email.

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