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In April 2021, Obsidian and Vertex Pharmaceuticals entered into a strategic research collaboration and licensing agreement focused on the discovery of novel therapies that regulate gene editing for the treatment of serious diseases. The collaboration leverages Obsidian’s cytoDRiVE® platform technology to discover gene-editing medicines whose therapeutic activity can be precisely controlled using small molecules and Vertex’s established scientific and clinical capabilities in small molecule, cell and genetic therapies to more rapidly bring these approaches to patients. The collaboration includes an upfront payment and equity investment by Vertex, and potential future milestone and royalty payments.

“The ability to tune gene-editing activity to a specific level is an important innovation that has the potential to address several serious diseases.”

David Altshuler
Executive Vice President, Global Research and Chief Scientific Officer, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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Obsidian is proud to collaborate with Bristol Myers Squibb (via acquisition of Celgene) in the discovery and development of novel, regulated cell therapies that utilize Obsidian’s cytoDRiVE™ technology. Our collaboration is focused on two specific immunomodulatory factors, IL12 and CD40L, which require precise control to optimize their therapeutic benefit. This multi-year collaboration provides BMS with the exclusive option to in-license worldwide rights for cell therapy candidates that incorporate regulated IL12 or CD40L for the treatment of cancer. The collaboration includes an upfront payment and equity investment by BMS, and potential future milestone and royalty payments.

“By controlling the expression of armed payloads like CD40L, Obsidian’s cell therapy candidates may have the potential to overcome tumor microenvironment resistance and unlock the power of cell therapy in solid tumors and other malignancies.”

Rupert Vessey, D. Phil.
Executive Vice President, Research & Early Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Obsidian and MD Anderson Cancer Center entered a multi-year collaboration in November 2020 designed to expedite the research and development of novel engineered tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) for the treatment of solid tumors. The collaboration is focused on developing TILs armored with regulated membrane-bound IL15 (referred to as cytoTIL™) with the potential to enhance anti-tumor efficacy and reduce tumor burden in patients suffering from different types of solid tumors. By leveraging regulated membrane-bound IL15 to drive antigen-independent expansion of T cells and transactivation of NK cells, cytoTIL therapy is anticipated to improve patient response to TIL treatment and expand patient eligibility to those who currently cannot benefit from this transformative therapy.


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