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Obsidian is proud to collaborate with Bristol Myers Squibb (via acquisition of Celgene) in the discovery and development of novel, regulated cell therapies that utilize Obsidian’s cytoDRiVE™ technology. Our collaboration is focused on two specific immunomodulatory factors, IL12 and CD40L, which require precise control to optimize their therapeutic benefit. This multi-year collaboration provides BMS with the exclusive option to in-license worldwide rights for cell therapy candidates that incorporate regulated IL12 or CD40L for the treatment of cancer. The collaboration includes an upfront payment and equity investment by BMS, and potential future milestone and royalty payments.
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“By controlling the expression of armed payloads like CD40L, Obsidian’s cell therapy candidates may have the potential to overcome tumor microenvironment resistance and unlock the power of cell therapy in solid tumors and other malignancies.”

Rupert Vessey, D. Phil.
Executive Vice President, Research & Early Development, Bristol Myser Squibb