Steven Shamah, Ph.D.

Steve Shamah, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Shamah is Obsidian’s SVP, Scientific Affairs and Technology, a role in which he is responsible for managing the company’s corporate and academic partnerships, implementing scientific strategy, and evaluating new technologies. Previously, Dr. Shamah served as Obsidian’s Head of Research and prior to that as Head of Scientific Operations for the Cell and Protein Sciences group at Juno Therapeutics (via the acquisition of X-Body Biosciences) leading the company’s early discovery effort for its internal CAR-T pipeline. Earlier in his career, Dr. Shamah served in various management and scientific leadership roles at SRU Biosystems, Archemix Corporation, Hydra Biosciences and Phylos Inc. with a particular focus on biologics discovery using in vitro display technologies. Dr. Shamah holds a B.S. in neuroscience from the University of Rochester and earned his Ph.D. in biological chemistry and molecular pharmacology at Harvard Medical School with Chuck Stiles. He was a post-doctoral fellow in Mike Greenberg’s lab at Harvard Medical School where he studied the molecular mechanisms by which extracellular cues guide neuronal growth cones during embryonic development.

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